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Meet the original Diffuser Bombs: These convenient drops, made with Essential Oils, turn your home into a winter wonderland. This kit is a variety of our favorite Christmas scents.

Our Diffuser Bombs, because they are made with essential oils and designed for a diffuser, have amazing health benefits. You may be thinking, why not just use a candle? They have essential oils too right? Wrong. Even though some candles contain essential oils, when you light the wick, the health benefits of the oils are burned away... That's the beauty of using a cold diffuser, you get the wonderful scents, without burning off the amazing wellness benefits.

Shop now to bring the best part of Christmas right into your home and contribute to your wellness and health during this holiday season!


Christmas Pack Contents:

Each Christmas Pack contains 6 diffuser bombs. There are two of each of the following:

Peppermint Stick: Soothes and helps boost energy

Christmas Pine: Supports the immune system and eases breathing

Wassail: Cleanses the air, and promotes joyful and uplifting feelings



Directions: for best results, place one diffuser bomb into a diffuser with 250ml of water. Each bomb lasts 4-6 hours.

Diffuser Bombs are NOT for consumption.

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